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Are you looking for relief from symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, coughing, nasal congestion, chest pain, chest tightness? Beware, most of the medicines available are habit forming and give only temporary relief. Think twice before switching on to any medicine especially over the counter inhalers.


Through this website, we are sharing the results of our clinical research on asthma and medications that work for asthma.

We had done extensive research on different kinds of asthma such as allergic, cough variant, occupational, sports/exercise induced, medication induced, nocturnal, childhood and various cure methods. We researched on each type of asthma and about its recovery time, effect of treatment etc. In this website, we mention only the proven options that are effective and have long lasting results.

Below are a few proven natural cures to prevent severe attacks.

#1 Asthmamist

Medication Mode : Homeopathic spray

Success Rate : Excellent

Side Effects : None

Overall Rating : 5 stars

Official Website : www.asthmamist.com

Asthmamist is an all natural formulation that helps prevent signs and symptoms associated with asthma. It only uses natural ingredients and serves as the perfect natural home treatment for anyone who suffers coughing, chest pain and wheezing. Relief from symptoms is guaranteed with just two quick sprays under your tongue three times a day.

It is the best product out in the market today and has gained acknowledgement even from trusted news networks. But in as much as it helps prevent asthma attack by relieving upper bronchial and mucous congestion which triggers the symptoms, Asthmamist is not be used to treat acute attacks nor can it be used to replace any emergency, it only works to prevent future episodes.

Click Here to Visit AsthmaMist Website


#2 Respitrol

Medication Mode : Oral Drops

Success Rate : Good

Side Effects : None

Overall Rating : 4 stars

Official Website : www.respitrol.com

Respitrol is an all natural oral drop which therapeutically supports normal airflow and relieves several asthma symptoms like wheezing and coughing. It helps promote energy and vibrancy to patients suffering from mild symptoms. The daily dosage intake varies from adult with one full squeeze of the dropper is equivalent to 1 cc of Respitrol.

Respitrol is considered a good remedy but the recurrence rate is higher compared to Asthmamist. Doctors still advice patients that a healthy diet and regular breathing exercises best cures allergies and asthma.

Click Here to Visit Respitrol Website


#3 Ebook: Asthma Cure Guide

Medication Mode : Asthma home remedies

Success Rate : Satisfactory

Side Effects : None

Overall Rating : 2 stars

Official Website : www.cureasthmaguide.com

This guide is the result of a woman's hard work and research to free her self from the bondage of asthma. It is a guide about how to prevent and treat this condition using holistic methods. It includes many facts, pictures and resources that a normal person need to know. It challenges the effectiveness of inhalers, nebulizer and other products which doctors prescribe to their patients and suggests that all you ever need to fix this problem rests inside your home. According to her, continuous use of prescription drugs may even pose a greater threat to your health rather than it being beneficial.

It focuses on house modifications and strict diet. Included in the book is a powerful natural beverage formulation which stops symptoms and will prevent it from ever returning. It is indeed a new treatment but we found it to be trial worthy only in people with very mild attacks.


Are other home remedies and herbal treatments not that effective?

Feedbacks from patients who tried different medications form the foundation of this critical product analysis. Based on their testimonies, Asthmamist stands true to its promises and is guaranteed to be the best. Respitrol still needs more effort to prove its worth.

How to get the most out of the medication you choose?

If you wish the optimum result out of your chosen product, follow these simple tips.

1. It is best to read the prescription notes that go together with the product you are purchasing. It indicates the dosage, directions and possible side effects you may experience after taking it and strictly follow the instructions.

2. Treatment plans vary from toddlers to adults so consider the age of the patient who will use it.

3. Measures to prevent attack include a healthy diet, avoid smoking, breathing exercises and more knowledge about the disease.

4. Stay on the program as prescribed by your doctor or as suggested by the researchers who formulated the drug.

5. Avoid over the counter inhalers and products which lacks research and statistics that shows proof of managing episode.

6. To avoid complications which can cause severe attack always refer to your medical history.

7. Minor breathing problems if left untreated, may lead to chronic. Management at the initial stage is necessary to avoid serious ill effects later in life.

8. The problem can easily be triggered by different allergens like animal fur, house-dust-mites, mold, smoke, pollen and airborne chemicals its better to take due care about these.




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